Extraordinary Routines is an interview project illuminating the everyday lives of artists, writers, designers, illustrators, and more to uncover the intersection between creativity and imperfection. 

Finding out how someone spends their day is not about glorifying flawless productivity or finding the perfect routine, but rather shining a light on how people we admire really get through their day – the human foibles and hurdles, as well as the triumphs and achievements. 

From morning rituals to sleeping habits, creative spaces to creative slumps, Extraordinary Routines highlights that it's how we deal with the seemingly ordinary parts of our daily lives that makes them extraordinary. 

Here, you can read about how some of the brightest minds still procrastinate, experience self-doubt, or don't know how to say no. You can also uncover lessons from various life experiments, and get lost in musings on how we can find meaning in our everyday lives. 

Enjoy, reflect, and say hello!


Madeleine Dore
Founder & Editor


Hello! I'm Madeleine Dore, a freelance writer and interviewer based in Melbourne. 

Curious about how creativity is reflected in our daily lives, I founded Extraordinary Routines in 2014 to better understand how creativity and imperfection intersects. 

Under the Extraordinary Routines banner, I have collaborated with esteemed publications, including a monthly column on Kill Your Darlings, a bi-monthly profile for Audrey Daybook, and previously a monthly series on Australia's biggest design blog, The Design Files from 2015-2017.

Before becoming a freelance writer, I was the Deputy Editor at ArtsHub, where I developed a strong focus on career advice and personal development. 

My writing for publications including Sunday Life, Womankind, Muse, 99u, BBC Capital and more, regularly explores the latest in philosophy, psychology and productivity research. 

I'm also regular event host, panel chair and live interviewer.
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